depmod reports unresolved symbols but module loads (and works) anyway

depmod reports unresolved symbols but module loads (and works) anyway

Post by Mephist » Sun, 29 Jun 2003 06:00:36

I've compiled the 'p4b_smbus' hotplug-module from the lm_sensors package
to get access to the sensor chips of my motherboard. The module compiles
and links fine. I'm able to load the module and it seems to work as well
(at least lsmod reports a loaded module and the sensors are accessible).

However, depmod reports unresolved symbols on that module:

depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.4.20-18.9/kernel/drivers/char/p4b_smbus.o
depmod:         pci_insert_device
depmod:         pci_setup_device
depmod:         kmalloc
depmod:         pci_remove_device
depmod:         pci_enable_device
depmod:         pcibios_present
depmod:         pci_read_config_word
depmod:         kfree
depmod:         pci_find_device
depmod:         pci_write_config_word
depmod:         printk

p4b_smbus               2720   0  (unused)

Some may ask why thinking about something which seems to work but for some
reason I want to know what is going on here.

Is it possible that these symbols are included in the binary but never
used when running the module? How can I remove these symbols from the
binary in that case?

Ciao, Meph


1. "Unresolved Symbols" reported by depmod, though the module works fine.

I recently finished my first linux driver/module and it
works fine.   I'm currently working on the
automated loading/installing side of it.  Playing around, I
put it in /lib/modules/preferred/misc and ran "depmod -a
-e".  It then says my module has unresolved symbols and
spews out all of the kernel calls that my module makes (i.e.
printk(), free_irq(), jiffies, etc.).  No other module in
the system has any unresolved symbols, though they obviously
make calls to the kernel, so what did I do wrong?  Is there
something during link/compile that I should do, or is there
a file I need to edit?  It's kind of perplexing, obviously
they are unresolved, they are only resolved once you run
insmod to load the module, but apparently I am missing
something, because my module is the only one getting these
"errors".  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Jensen

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