Setup dosemu serial ports and CD-ROM

Setup dosemu serial ports and CD-ROM

Post by Clement Tio » Fri, 03 Feb 1995 00:34:34

I have my dosemu 0.52 working. Now, I'm wondering how to correctly setup my
serial ports for my mouse. I have tried to configure within dosemu.conf the
com1 which is my serial port for mouse, but it works sometimes only. And,
if the serial port within dosemu is enabled, Xwindows wouldn't work with
the mouse anymore. The dosemu seems to have over written the com ports.

Does anyone have a CD-ROM? If you do, have you be able to config it to work
within dosemu? On mine, it will load the CD-ROM setup driver, but it can't
find my CD-ROM, or my sound card after that. My CD-ROM interface is on my
sound card. It's a VMI Multimedia CD-ROM kit. The CD-ROM is Sanyo with
Panasonic interface to the sound card which is SoundBlaster Pro compatible.



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1. IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM and Que/CD-ROM setup

Okay, I have been out of this group for some time, and now am
getting setup as a ISP (Internet Service Provider).  I was going to
use Windows/NT but decided that linux offered just a much with very
little start-up cost, as far as server software goes.
I was wondering if someone could spend a couple of minutes to save
me some time.  I read the CD-ROM howto, and am somewhat perplexed
on getting my "Que" Special Editon-Using Linux CD-ROM to be
accepted for installation.  I used the "fips" to make a partition
(250meg) just for the swap/native part of linxu.  But can't get the
setup utility to recognize my cd-rom, it's a "ACER"
Quad/600kb/250ms and uses the IDE/ATAPI interface (connects to the
motherboard, not the Sound-Card).  Is there some way to install off
of the cd-rom or am I going to be forced to do it with floppies?
Thanks for any info.
I'll scan this group for a reply, or if you want, send info on


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