Screen blanking and Metro-X

Screen blanking and Metro-X

Post by David E Nedr » Wed, 02 Jul 1997 04:00:00

OK, here's what I'd like to do:

I'm running Redhat 4.2 and Metro-X. I'd like to disable monitor blanking while
X is running and allow the X screensaver to run. I've written a module that
displays network status information to the display.

I have been completely unable to stop monitor blanking on all of my Linux
boxes (all have DIamond Stealth 64 DRAM cards) with Mag MX15F monitors. So far
as I know, I've disabled all hardware blanking and yet the monitor still gets
blanked at both the console prompt and with the X server. To me this means
that I am missing something in the Linux setup. Ideally, I'd like to have the
monitor blanked when at the console prompt but not when the X server is

Any ideas?

If you can, please send a copy of the reply via mail as well since our news
server sometimes is a little slow with updates. ;)


1. Metro-X blank screen?


I am running Metro-X, version 3.1.2 on a 2.0.32 kernel.  I have the
Diamond steath 64 DRAM (S3 TRIO chipset).  Overall, I am happy with the
performance of the Metro X server.

However, every few times that I start the X server via 'startx' command,
the libbitmap.a library stalls during loading.  I am left with a blank
screen and no way to stop the process except 'ctrl-alt-delete'. I used
the configX program to configure my server.

Anyone have these problems?  Do I have an incompatible set of
libraries?  Xerrors file is below.


------------------------------ /var/adm/Xerrors
Metro-X Version 3.1.2

Copyright (c) 1990-1996 by Metro Link Inc.
Copyright (c) 1989-1994 by M.I.T.
Copyright (c) 1994-1996 by X Consortium, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
Read mouse Serial_Microsoft from Xconfig
Keyboard Description File is none
Loading /usr/lib/X11/Metro/modules/libibm8514.a
Opened /dev/tty7
vgaMapVGASpace( 131072 )
Screen 0: IBM8514, Chipset TRIO 64 [2011e1] (64), 1024K RAM, DAC
Video mode "640x480", dot clock =  25.2 MHz
vgaMapVGASpace( 131072 )
vgaMapVGASpace( 131072 )
vgaMapVGASpace( 131072 )
Loading /usr/lib/X11/Metro/modules/libmlfb8.a
Font: X = 0, Y = 654, Width = 1024, Height = 370
Bitmap: X = 0, Y = 654, Width = 1024, Height = 32
Bitmap: X = 0, Y = 686, Width = 1024, Height = 64
Bitmap: X = 0, Y = 750, Width = 1024, Height = 274
Pixmap: X = 0, Y = 480, Width = 1024, Height = 32
Pixmap: X = 0, Y = 512, Width = 1024, Height = 142
DEC-XTRAP:  AddExtension assigned Major Opcode '135'
DEC-XTRAP:  Vers. 3.4-0 successfully loaded
Couldn't load XKB keymap, falling back to pre-XKB keymap
Loading /usr/lib/X11/Metro/modules/libbitmap.a
------------------------------- end /var/adm/Xerrors

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