Serial Mouse HOWTO?

Serial Mouse HOWTO?

Post by MICHAE » Wed, 05 Jul 1995 04:00:00

There is a busmouse HOW TO, but I can't find a serial mouse HOW TO. Is it so simple
that it doesn't require a HOW TO?

I want to make sure my Mouse Systems protocol three-button mouse is set up right
under Linux. It works fine under DOS. Is there a testing program for this?


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1. Serial mouse only works during installation in graphics mode, problem with 'serial device driver'

During installation in graphics mode the serial microsoft mouse works.
But when Linux starts the console mouse drivers, the following error
appears: 'LSR Safety check engaged!', meaning that the UART 16550A
returns 0xFF to a query of the serial device driver which then
concludes that there is some problem. Result: no serial mouse or
whatever device on the serial port will work.
Now I looked for this problem in google and found
as an explanation: a sloppy designed UART 16550A chip...
My question: is there any updated driver somewhere in which this
problem is resolved?
Or is there any parameter that I can apply during start up to prevent
the serial driver from performing this check?

thanks a lot,

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