E-mail Junk account and aliasing w/domain names

E-mail Junk account and aliasing w/domain names

Post by Jack Sasporta » Wed, 13 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I am looking to forward e-mail to people with the same name, but a
different domain being hosted on my server.  As an example

I understand there is a way to do this, but couldn't find documentation.

I also want any e-mail sent to that domain to be sent to a specific
e-mail address.

would be forwarded to a specified e-mail address.

Thanks for the help...

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1. uucp email domain name aliasing

I have the requirment that a v5.0.2 machine which receives email via uucp to
receive email for a second domain name, and to 'accept' it, and alias it.

for example machine domain name:  business.com

receives email via uucp feed for domain: secondary.org

and for business.com to 'automatically' alias ANY mail which it sees to:
(for example)

in mmdf; is this possible ?  <I hope so ;-/ >
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