kde-kmail question

kde-kmail question

Post by mike » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

        Can anyone tell me why when I start kmail I get the "composer"
window opening, but it won't start "mail client" until I select it to do so
under composer's "file" and "open new mailreader" drop-down menu??
I thought the mail client was supposed to start up first, then composer.
        Anyone have a clue what I have configured wrong.  This is
under RH 6.1, BTW.   TIA,



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   I'm running  Red Hat 6.2.    While using KDE started playing around
with the mail client......KMail.kdelnk
Now it doesnt seem to be working.  When I click on the link nothing
  Does any one know how to reset the mail client back to its defaults
so I may try again.

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