hdd-kernel-parameters & hdd-geometry

hdd-kernel-parameters & hdd-geometry

Post by K. Poser » Wed, 23 Aug 2000 09:54:30


First of all a simple question: Do I have to pass the *physical* or the
*logical* geometry with the "hdc=X,Y,Z" - kernel - parameter?
I think I have to use the *logical* geometry... but what about the
phyiscal one? - Can I tell the kernel somehow about them?

Now about my hdd:

I've got a harddisc with the following geometry:

The manufacturer (IBM) says in the models datasheeet:
    User cylinders (physical): 27724
    Data heads (physical): 6
    Data disks: 3

On the harddisk itself I found the following:
    LBA: 90 069 840 sectors

And 90069840 / (16*63) = 89355

If I pass "hdc=16383,16,63" with "append=" in the lilo.conf to my 2.2.14
kernel a "cat /proc/ide/hdc/geometry" says:
    physical geometry: 89355,16,63
    logical geometry: 16383,16,63

And if I pass "hdc=89355,255,63" with "append=" in the lilo.conf to my
2.2.14-kernel the "cat /proc/ide/hdc/geometry"-command says:
    physical geometry: 89355,16,63
    logical geometry: 89355,255,63

But I think it should look like:
    physical geometry: 16383,16,63
    logical geometry: 89355,255,63     OR (???)    89355,16,63    ???

So what (which values) do I have to pass to the kernel?


Oh... and my BIOS is only capable in handling harddiscs <= 8,4 GB and
there is no further Bios-update available.
And the harddisc I spoke about is regocnized as a 8,4 GB harddisc with
255 heads and 1027 cylinders.

Should I let the BIOS detect the harddisc or should I enter "None" in
the BIOS-setup instead?

And should I pass "hdc=noprobe" to the kernel or not?

I am a bit confused about all this stuff with all these numbers...

Help on this would be great!

Kind regards

K. Posern


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The problem is that, partway through the package install, the machine
The major symptoms are that the progress bar stops dead; the HDD LED
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I suspect that the problem is that the setup program thinks the drive is
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