Sony GDM 1604 Fixed Freq. problems

Sony GDM 1604 Fixed Freq. problems

Post by Bill Shield » Mon, 08 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I have newly aquired a 17' Sony GDM 1604 or HP 98789.  I am having
trouble finding any info on the freq settings.  No manuals came with the
monitor and I am having a real hard time configuring X windows.

        I am using the Mirage Z-128 graphics card.  I can find plenty of info
on it though.

        Any help is appreciated.



1. Specs for a Sony GDM-1604-15 fixed-freq monitor?

Hi all,

     I recently got a Sony GDM-1604-15 fixed frequency monitor and am
planning to use it with my Linux box running XFree86.  Does someone out
there have the Specs for this monitor, or better yet, the Modelines
needed to get this thing up and running?  I have already built the
circuit that comines the h-sync/v-sync signals and have done some
trial-and-error tests, but nothing satisfactory.  I'm using a Diamond
Stealth 2000 3D with a 135MHz RAMDAC.  As a side note, I have a 19"
Data General monochrome fixed-frequency monitor running on the system
(with a video switchbox so I can also use a 14" SVGA monitor). All
comments appreciated.

                                            Thanks in advance,
                                                Dave Chavez

PS - I currently have a 19" Data General monochrome fixed-frequency
     monitor running on the

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