XFree86 can run any apps...'/bin/sh:can't map .....'

XFree86 can run any apps...'/bin/sh:can't map .....'

Post by Jeff Hah » Sun, 06 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Installed Slackware 3.2 and XFree86 3.2, but am have 2 major problems with

1-  The display is very small with 1-2 inches of black around the screen.
I'm sure I configured it right, (Mach 64).

2- More importantly I can't run any applications within X.  When I click
and select an item, it just does nothing.  When I exit X, I see a list of
messages (no doubt made when I tryed to run an app) saying "/bin/sh: Can't
map '/lib/libc.so.5".  What does this mean, and how can I correct this.

Thanks for the help


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Thanks again!


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