XFree86 on NEC Versa SX

XFree86 on NEC Versa SX

Post by David Pla » Sun, 23 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I just installed RH5.1 on an NEC Versa SX without a hitch (at least not yet!)
but I'm having difficulty with XFree86 - specifically with the Video/Monitor
settings in the XF86Config file.  Part of the problem is that I can't seem to
find out what the vertical refresh and horizontal sync rates are for the
display (they're not in the manual and at least the first level of NEC support
didn't know).  Does anyone know this information or, better yet, have a working
XF86Config file for the SX (or LX - should be the same).  Thanks for any help.


Here are the specs:
NEC Versa SX 440, PII 266, 96Mb RAM
14.1" XGA TFT display, Trident * 9388 video chip, 2Mb video RAM

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1. XFree86 for a NEC Versa SX laptop...

Hi; does anyone have this setup working?

I installed Debian 2.2, so I'm using the XFree86 3.3.6 SVGA server.
This laptop has a Trident cyber9388 chipset (2M).

I tried both XF86Setup and xf86config.  I found a well-linked site for
this laptop (http://www.cnbc.cmu.edu/~plaut/sx/) which contains lots of
good information, but the XF86Config there doesn't work for me.  I've
tried it with and without various options listed in the Trident README
including no options, turning on/off accel, no_mmio, etc. etc.

What happens is this: the card works at 1024x768 under 8-bit mode, but
if I try to use 16-bit mode I get a weird off-white screen with kind of
white "waves" across it for a few seconds, then it locks up hard (no
C-A-D, no C-A-F1, etc.)  Even the power button is dead; I have to remove
the battery to reset it.

I know this kind of system should do 16-bit color; others have gotten it
to work on theirs (at least that's what I've seen on the web).

I've tried older SVGA servers:, 3.3.4, 3.3.5, 3.3.6.  None
worked. is the oldest I could find (the above page mentions
using 3.3.2).

I'm not excited about updating to 4.0.x, but I will if people say it

Does anyone have this laptop working in 16-bit mode?  Can they send me
details on their config for it?  Thanks!


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