Slackware 3.5.0 install, 'Operating system missing.'

Slackware 3.5.0 install, 'Operating system missing.'

Post by Ira Malinic » Mon, 17 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I've downloaded the entire Slackware distribution set for Linux 3.5.0,
but I'm having the following problem:  Every time I install it the BIOS
reports 'Operating system missing.'

I've tried installing just the 'a' set via 3.5" floppies, but had some
problems with bad sectors, but only on files like gpm.tgz which
shouldn't have any effect on bootup.  No go.
I then tried to use NFS as the installation source. I used SoSS 3.1 on
my Win95 machine as the NFS server, and as far as I can tell it works
fine.  I ran it through DOS mode, as it requires a DOS packet driver and
I didn't want Win95 to be messing with things.  Once the source
directory is mounted on the linux machine, it seems to read data okay
(ie. it can retreive the list of individual packages), but for each file
it reports an invalid response 78 or something along those lines.  I
presumed that it was reading the files nonetheless, because tar or gzip
wasn't complaining.  After a period of time, however, the Linux machine
would lose the connection with the server reporting, 'NFS server not
responding, still trying.'  When this happened, I could do nothing but
reset or it would just display the previous message again.
I ended up installing the entire distribution set over several
warm-boots, making sure to mount the destination partition without
reformatting it.  I am positive the partitions are set up properly.  I
am using a 500MB HDD, partitioned for a 50MB swap partition and the rest
as a Linux native partition set bootable.

If anyone can help me out or direct me to someone who can, I would be
most gracious.  Thanks in advance,
        - Ira "Squishy Fish" Malinich


Slackware 3.5.0 install, 'Operating system missing.'

Post by Chris Bro » Tue, 18 Aug 1998 04:00:00

> I've downloaded the entire Slackware distribution set for Linux 3.5.0,
> but I'm having the following problem:  Every time I install it the BIOS
> reports 'Operating system missing.'

That's because, unlike DOS and Win95, Linux doesn't automatically boot
into Linux when you turn on your computer, so you need a special boot
loader to boot into Linux. You can do this any of three ways..

        1) LILO - LInux LOader. A boot prompt pops up when your computer
                  gets to the bootstrap and asks you which operating system
                  to load. You might want to read up on this before you do
                  it, though.

        2) Boot disk - just write your kernel directly to disk
                       by typing "cp vmlinuz /dev/fd0", and then type
                       "rdev /dev/hda1 /", where hda1 is your hard drive and
                       partition number that you use as your root partition.
                       I find this way quite handy, albeit a bit slow when

        3) loadlin - run a DOS program that boots your kernel. Works great
                     if you don't mind running DOS first.


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I've downloaded and installed all of SlackWare v.3.0 except for the X
Window system and utils and NTex.  I'm getting ready to download the rest
of SlackWare 3.0, however I do have SlackWare 2.2 on CD-ROM.  

Would it be alright if I just use the X Window system that's in SlackWare
2.2 in my SlackWare 3.0 system?  Are they both the same version (except
one is compiled for ELF and the other is compiled for a.out)?  In fact,
wouldn't it be better for me to use the a.out version of X Window because
(from what I heard) a.out is faster than ELF and I have no plans of doing
any mods to the X Window source (is it included BTW?).  Or is there
enough significant differences between the SlackWare 3.0 X Window and
SlackWare 2.2 X Window that it'll be worth my time to download all 20+
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