RH5.1 with pnp cards

RH5.1 with pnp cards

Post by Simone Paolett » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I'm using RH5.1 and I'm trying to config a sound card: ESS1869.
It is a Plug'NPlay  (Pray  ?)  ISA card.
I followed instructions on how to configure and "wake up" the cart
via isapnp tools (and the config looks reasonable, since it matches
the one used by W98). I have a pnp BIOS  booted  with "NON PNP OS"

Now the problem is: how do I instruct the devices (/dev/audio and so)
about which configuration I setted in the card ?
I compiled the kernel inserting everything regarding sound as
"module" (M).
When I try

insmod sound trace_init=1

I get:
Sound initialization started
Sound initialization complete

that is:  the card was not found. No wonder: I never told where to look
for it  !
I read that the command "insmod" supports arguments (like trace_init)
that would instruct the device about the configuration of the card, but
I don't know which these arguments are !

Could anyone help me ?
   Simone Paoletti


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Ralph> that Linux doesn't support software PnP a-la Windows '95, does
Ralph> anyone know whether or not the modem will operate with Linux,
Ralph> if I continue to allow my bios to assign appropriate resources
Ralph> to it?

I'm using a Supra PnP modem under the AMI PnP BIOS.  I guess the
BIOS is assigning it the IRQ, but I can't be sure.  I did the
setup in Win95, and it seems to stick in Linux.  Anyway,
when Linux boots it thinks the modem's IRQ is 3 or 4, when it is really 11.
To fix the problem I run

setserial /dev/cua3 auto_irq skip_test autoconfig

and Linux figures out the IRQ that it is actually using.  The modem is
using COM4 (/dev/cua3).


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