Help set mic volume to 0 in booting for AST950N

Help set mic volume to 0 in booting for AST950N

Post by Allen Lore » Fri, 09 Aug 1996 04:00:00

        I have an AST 950N.  The sound does work, thanks
        for the feedback!, but I have one annoying problem.
        When the machine boots it will make a whinning nose
        until I can run a mixer program to set the mic volumne
        to zero.  Does anybody have a simple fix for this. I.e.
        a patch to the sound device driver, or a script to run
        while the machine is booting.  Thanks.



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Hi there!
I just downloaded the mmaudio payer(mmaudio-0.9.6-linux.tar.gz).
I followed the instructions,but whenever I try to start the application,I get the error:

Error reading mic volume: Invalid argument

I'm running Linux 1.2.13 & VowVare 3.0.1 (SoundBlaster Pro Sound card, 486 66MHz CPU).
Can anybody help me?
I CAN use the microphone with other applications.I don't know what's
wrong with this one.Maybe because it's only "an evaluation copy"(one cannot RECORD sound with IT).


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