slow Slackware boot

slow Slackware boot

Post by Charles Cla » Sat, 09 May 1998 04:00:00

>I just got done installing Slackware v3.2 on my system.  I used a boot disk
>and a root disk.  During the setup phase, I had to probe for my CDROM drive.
>Boy, was I surprised it found it! =)  Anyhow, it's installed and everything,
>but during the boot phase ... it takes forever ... as if it's looking for
>extra hardware that I don't have.

You may want to repost with the text of the message immediately preceding
the point at which it seems to be probing.  You shouldn't have to comment
out anything in those rc.d files unless there is some hardware at an
unexpected address.  Do you have a NIC or other PCI/ISA card?  Is the
CD-ROM primary/secondary, master/slave?

BTW, I see you're using MSN, which may cause difficulties when you want
to use e-mail under Linux.  MSN uses a non-standard authentication scheme
for POP mail.


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