Tuner settings for Pinnacle PCTV Studio Pro

Tuner settings for Pinnacle PCTV Studio Pro

Post by Ronal » Fri, 27 Dec 2002 01:38:30

Hello everyone,

in my fairly new PC I have the abovementioned TV-card, which functions
perfectly in  Windoze. In Linux (SuSE versions 8.0 and 8.1, using the
standard SuSE-kernels) I was not able to use the card.

The symtoms:
1) although the card is a "Pinnacle PCTV Studio Pro" (card=52) it is
detected by the bttv-module as a "Pinnacle PCTV Rave" (card=39),
according to the kernel messages in /var/log/messages. But this is
easily overruled with a command-line option in insmod.
2) tuning does not appear to make any difference, i.e. if the card was
set to a channel in Windoze, it remains at this channel, regardless of
any tuning activities.

In the source of the bttv-module it can be seen, that the default
tuner_type is read somewhere from the card, using a miro-specific lookup

Somewhere I stumbled across the FTVCO tool (find_tvcardoptions.sh). This
tool cycles across all tuner types and all pll-settings. Before I used
the tool, the TV-card was tuned into an existing TV-channel using
Windoze. And in the tool I instructed to tune into another TV-station.

I ran the tool first with card_id 52 (the correct one), then with 39
(the autodetected one) and finally with 0 (unknown card).
The sound was immediately there in all settings for card_id 52.
 From this first run I could also conclude that the pll-setting for my
card is "pll=1" (one), because only with this value I got a sensible
video image, but not the instructed TV-station.

As stated before I had correct sound with card_id 52, which was
definitely not available with card_id 0. I did not really notice if
sound was available (or not) with card_id 39, but that seems not important.

But the bttv-module is unable to tune the TV-card onto another
TV-channel. None of all tuner-settings the tool scans lead to a
different TV-station.

Does anyone know the appropriate setting????

Thousand thanx in advance, and a merry Xmas,