Another nightmare trying to install a 2X MITSUMI CD-ROM Drive!!!

Another nightmare trying to install a 2X MITSUMI CD-ROM Drive!!!

Post by Morales Guillermo A » Wed, 15 May 1996 04:00:00


I installed Linux Slackware 3.0 from a CD without a problem. However,
after this I haven't been able to get Linux to recognize my double-speed
Mitsumi CD-Rom drive. During the installation I copied the source code.
THen I went ahead and recompiled the Kernel going to /usr/src/linux and
doing "make config", then "make dep" followed by "make clean". After
doing this I typed "make zlilo" and got the new kernel to work with no
problem. After rebooting the system Lilo still did NOT recognized the
CD-Rom drive. Then someone told me that I had to install the modules,
something I didn't know of. So I went again to the /usr/src/linux
directory and typed "make modules" and then "make modules_install". Up to
here everything works fine. Then I tried to install the Mitsumi module
(mcd) typing "insmod mcd" and I got the following error message:

Cannot open /lib/modules/misc/mcd.o

Well, I went to that directory and I found 2 things:

a) such directory does NOT exists! THe one that is on my system is

b) in this directory I found the files aztec.o, sbpcd.o and sonycd535.o
  But I did NOT find mcd.o!!!

I've got to say that mcd.h does exist. In fact I checked it out and it
does contain the right information to find/run the Mitsumi CD-ROM Drive
(base address, IRQ, etc.).

Could anybody please tell me what's going on and how to fix this problem?

Thanks a lot in advance.