Cirrus Logic VGA cards

Cirrus Logic VGA cards

Post by Graham Wrig » Mon, 02 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have just installed slackware 3.1 on my PC. My Cirus Logic CL-GD5446
PCI VGA card was not recognised by linux. I have however noticed that
the Cirrus 5436 card has an entry in the pci.h file. My video card
manual say that my card supports all the features of the 5436 so I
wondered if it was possible to make linux think I have that card?
I have checked the FAQ but didn't find anything appropriate.  
Thanks in advance for any advice



1. Cirrus Logic CL-GD6410 VGA Card? Help!

I recently bought a 486DX2-50 notebook with an LCD 64 grey scale
monitor.  Linux installed fine using SLS1.01, as did X11.
X runs fine under mono, but I really want to get the color server
up.  Does anyone know if a Cirrus Logic CLGD6410 server is available,
or if anyone is working on it?
The mono server works well with the default (VESA) numbers and
it finds the clock freqs at: 25.18,28.32,24.50,19.60.

Is the CLGD6410 series compatible with the 542* series?

Thanks much.

John Wharington


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