Resolving IRQ and resource conflicts

Resolving IRQ and resource conflicts

Post by John H. Donnell » Wed, 16 Sep 1998 04:00:00

The problems with my NIC have not gone away,  Thanks, however, to all
who have offered suggestions.

I have the feeling IRQ/resource conflicts are at the root of these
problems.  My machine is a Micron 300Xku.  I guess that makes this is a
Win95 question.

When installing a NIC, sound card or what have you, Win95 frequently
assigns conflicting resources.  When I go into Device manager to resolve
them it does not allow changes in the resource settings with the dialog
'This setting cannot be changed'. (I'm doing it correctly, unchecking
the 'Use automatic settings' box, etc.)  Further, Phoenix BIOS (v4.06)
does not provide for advanced reservation of IRQs.

For example, both the NIC and my Diamond Viper330 video card are on IRQ9
(this video card needs its IRQ).  Although Win95 does not construe this
as a conflict, it looks like a duck to me.  Meanwhile IRQ 10 is

Win 95 also put my sound card on IRQ5, which Linux does not like.  Some
days I can change it in Device Manager, some days not.

Is there a need and technique configure these resources in a way that
makes more sense?  Or is this dog barking up the wrong tree?

John Donnelly

New York University
Department of Music Technology


1. How to resolve a PCI PnP IRQ conflict?

Hello all,

Can anyone tell me how I can force the (jumperless) PCI PnP cards
to an IRQ of my liking? The Diamond Viper and an Adaptec AHA 2940
always are on the same IRQ if I boot Linux. This causes a lockup if
I do a 'startx'.
I suppose a isapnp will do no good since the trouble is with a PCI
and AGP card. There are still some IRQ's left, but linux or the bios
just will not use them.

The system is a Pentium II 266 running linux 2.0.30 from Slackware
3.4. For some reason the SCSI card and the Viper do not share
interrupts under Win 95.

Thanks for any help

Eindoven University of Technology
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Technology
The Netherlands

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