RHL8.0 and later no install IBM X345

RHL8.0 and later no install IBM X345

Post by bill davids » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 01:42:47

The short and sweet is that I have a bunch of IBM X345 dual Xeon
machines. I installed a half dozen or so with RHL 8.0 and have them in
production. Then, on advice of IBM, I upgraded the BIOS. Now nothing
newer than 7.2 will boot from CD. IBM says this is not supported, and
you can't downgrade the BIOS because the new one is larger than the old.
IBM says 8.0 isn't supported on that hardware, and the downgrade path is
to replace the sysplanar with an old one (if available).

Anyone got a hint of a workaround? Boot from floppy? Anything?


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1. Installing Debian v. 3.0 on IBM x345

The problem apparently is the motherboard's LSI 1030 integrated SCSI


Lots of ways around that problem, none of them a lot of fun.  ;->  One
way would be to install Red Hat, and then do a chroot install of Debian,
using the Red Hat installation as your springboard.

See:  "Installers" on http://linuxmafia.com/kb/Debian
(There are a few entries in my Installers page on chroot installation.)

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