Syslogd patch for 1.3.X

Syslogd patch for 1.3.X

Post by Mark Stan » Fri, 06 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I had the problem of core dump and Segmentaion fault when I installed
Slackware96 with the syslogd. This happened whenever I ran it...
After all else failed, reading everything, and trying all solutions given I
emailed the sysklogd developement, which just the other day responded to
me with a patch that successfully fixed these problems....

To fix this you will HAVE TO HAVE the 'D' series to recompile the
sysklog source..


1. Syslogd 1.3-3

    Running Sysklogd 1.3-3 and Linux 2.0.36


    There is apparently a bug in syslogd 1.3-3 and earlier versions, which
fails to properly record kern.debug messages.

    Some kern messages are logged, but others are not, in particular SCSI
error messages and logger messages, amongst others.

    For example the following command was issued with the following
syslog.conf entries.

    logger -p kern.debug This is a debug message

kern.debug    /dev/console   # Will not record it
kern.*        /dev/console   # Will not record it
*.debug       /dev/console   # Works properly
*.*           /dev/console   # Works properly

    Of course I may be in complete error about how all this is supposed to
work, but if I am right, you can imagine that failing to properly get
kernel warnings and errors can be a severe security and system integrity

    We discovered the problem because in fact SCSI error messages were
being missed and a disk drive crash did happen.  The errors were being
logged in dmesg, but not in /var/log/kern with the following line in

kern.debug    /var/log/kern
kern.debug    /dev/console

    There are also possible inconsistencies, sometimes NFS warnings
show up on some machines, and on others they don't with similar

    As I have said, I am not an expert at this, but clarification on these
matters would oblige me greatly and set my mind to rest.

    Thanks  Homer

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