Slackware 3.2 and

Slackware 3.2 and

Post by Terrill Yuh » Fri, 13 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I've been trying to install Slackware 3.2 on a 386.  The one problem
I've been running into is that I'll get everything installed without
incident (just w/o networking) but anytime I try to do something, like
run pkgtool, I'll get a series of errors like cat:"can't map" and more like that....just a different program with the
"can't map"

Anyone else run into something like this?  The installation package
I'm using I downloaded from just a few days ago.




1. GNATS 3.2 segfaults -- need to upgrade my libc, libc++?

After compiling and installing GNATS 3.2, query-pr will segfault on
some queries.  A backtrace from gdb looks like:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x50030ae2 in _free_internal ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0x50030ae2 in _free_internal ()
#1  0x5009b4bc in __DTOR_END__ ()
#2  0x10000 in ?? ()
#3  0x8016002 in pr ()
Cannot access memory at address 0x10000.

Of course, the 0x10000 address looks very suspicious.

I'm using Red Hat 3.0.3 on Intel, and ldd shows:

ldd ./query-pr => /lib/

I was wondering if anyone has had success with GNATS under Linux
and what the operative configuration is.


Erik Rantapaa


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