SMP options in kernel

SMP options in kernel

Post by Denes Sziebert » Thu, 07 Jan 1999 04:00:00


I was told to set the maximum amount of shared memory between processors
among the kernel options. Can anyone tell me  how to do that?

            Denes Szieberth


1. Booting SMP kernel on non-SMP machines?


    Can I take it (based on recent experience) that it's a really bad idea
to try to boot an SMP kernel on non-SMP machines?  What about booting a
non-SMP kernel on SMP machines?

    Just curious, I suspect I'll know the answer to this question from
direct personal experience before any of you get a chance to answer me,
but I would at least like to hear some of the reasons why this
should/should not work.




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