Adaptec AHA-2920 SCSI with Linux?

Adaptec AHA-2920 SCSI with Linux?

Post by Chris Maso » Sat, 27 Jan 1996 04:00:00


Can linux "work" with AHA-2920 cards?

I'm trying to get my SCSI cdrom to work with AHA-2920 controller.  I
am also struggling with it under Windows 95, and linux doesn't see

Has anyone ever used this type of adapter?  What drivers exist for it.
Apparently it can be seen as a future domain TMC-3260.  Windows 95
uses a driver named fd16_700.mpd.  This adapter is PCI and is recognized
by my new nexgen motherboard, and the bios finds the SCSI, but
Windows 95 wants to load the software from the CDROM.  Well, my panasonic
cdrom used to work...
Now I have managed to shoot myself in the foot because windows wants
to read the software off the cdrom to run the cdrom.  Kinda deja vu
all over again...

So I took it to work and put the scsi on the the micro channel at
work and copied the file from the cdrom to a floppy.  Tonight
I'll try again.

But then again, my soundcard and scsi adapter are fighting over
something.  This incompatibility under different/every operating
system is beginning to grate on my nerves...

Maybe I should have bought a bundled computer instead of trying
to mix and match on my own...

Well, guess I'll have to fall back to my card punch and change
a few lines of my compile deck....

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Adaptec AHA-2920 SCSI with Linux?

Post by Geoffrey Lea » Sun, 28 Jan 1996 04:00:00

>I'm trying to get my SCSI cdrom to work with AHA-2920 controller.  I
>am also struggling with it under Windows 95, and linux doesn't see

Chris, you need to provide more info with your request.  What is your
distribution and the version of your kernel?  What other hardware is on
your controller?  Is there a disk that you can access, for instance.

RedHat has 2920 boot disks on their ftp site.  There may be problems with
support for the chips on that particular controller.  The latest version of the
driver  (for 1.3.59( has just been released.
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1. Linux Install, PP200, SCSI adaptec AHA-2920 controler

I am having problems installing RedHat Linux 3.0.3 on a PP200.
Here is my HW setup. I have a PP200, 64Mb Ram, Adaptec AHA-2920
(Future Domain TMC-18C3) SCSI Controler (id 6), SCSI NEC Multi spin
CDROM (id 5) , HP tape drive (id 3) and SEAGATE H Drive (id0).

When atempting to install Redhat the scsi controller is not found, and
I get the following messages:

   Unknown PCI device. PCI Vendor id=8. PCI Device id=7000

   Unknown PCI device. PCI Vendor id=7. PCI Device id=519

   Unknown PCI device. PCI Vendor id=8. PCI Device id=1237

   /proc/pci looks like the following:

   PCI devices found:
   Bus  0 Device  19 Function 0.
        SCSI bus controler : Future Domain TMC-18C30 (rev 0). 8259's
   interrupt 10.

When I try to install the Slackware distribution, I use the  it
recognizies the scsi devices and reports the following:

   scsi0 <fdomain>: BIOS version 3.0 at 0xc8000 using scsi id6
   scsi0 <fdomain>: TMC-36C70 (PCI bis) chip at 0xefa0 irq 10
   scsi0 : Future Domain TMC 16x0 SCSI driver, version 5.41
   scsi : 1 host

And finds all of the SCSI drives listed above.  So, I insert the
root disk (color144) as prompted for, and the machine says

   Minux found at block 0

It reads from /dev/fd0 for a few seconds, and then just stops there.
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

++ Ken

Ken Lesick

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