Additional Questions Concerning Re: Questions from Linux newbieI

Additional Questions Concerning Re: Questions from Linux newbieI

Post by Miguel B. Martine » Sun, 22 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Ok, after reading the resonses that were posted concerning "Questions
from a Linux newbie" I have menaged to figure out part of the problems
that I've been having, I think.  I haven't actually tried the solutions
yet because I have some additional questions to ask.  But first, just so
you know, I'm running Red Hat 4.2 which uses kernel 2.0.30 ( for those
who don't know ) and I'm trying to upgrade this to at least kernel
2.0.32 (though I am open to suggestions).  At this point though I have
to do something because I have already tried to upgrade using the rpm's
which failed miserably. Even though I used 'rpm -e' to try to remove the
install, I still had to track down some of the files and remove them
manually and the end result of all of that is a computer with a nervous

1.) After moving the old source and changing the symbolic link 'linux'
so that the new source can be installed without overwriting the old
source, what are your suggestions on installing the new modules?  Can I
use rpm's to install those, or can I just use the ones that I have ( I
doubt it! ) or should I find .tar.gz versions of this as well?

2.)  I have been finding lately that most of the things that I get off
the net are needing me to upgrade various libraries before I can
actually install them.  One of the messages that I'm getting is

       When trying to install dosemu;

       I type the line                           rpm -ihv

       I get the message                      failed dependencies:
                                                            /bin/sh is
needed by dosemu-0.66.7-1
needed by dosemu-0.66.7-1
needed by dosemu-0.66.7-1 is needed by dosemu-0.66.7-1

        I have gone hunting in my box for 'sh' and I find that it is
symbolically linked to 'bash' which apparently dosemu   doesn't like.  I
have managed to find '' and '' at the RedHat ftp site
but don't know how to install them.  In the last line dosemu apparently
needs and I haven't been able to find it on the net,
although I have found '' at the RedHat site as

I guess my question here is, Is there any way to up grade the entire lib
setup in one fell swope without having to mess around with each
individual piece?  If not would somebody tell me where I can find the

I would apreciate any help.  Thanks in advance.


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