Need desperate help with Asuscom 128K ISDN Inst.

Need desperate help with Asuscom 128K ISDN Inst.

Post by Tor Harald Thorlan » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I'm brand new to Linux, and have recently installed Mandrake Linux 6.0.
Everythimg works fine, except my Asuscom 128K PnP ISDN adapter.

I have checked out a lot of Q&A around the web, but haven't found
anything that tells me exactly how to install this card.

Can anybody help me?
As I said i'm brand new to this so please give a detailed instruction.


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Hi , i 've got an ASUSCOM  internal ISDN ta adapter.
i'm using 2.2.12 kernel , i've set isdn like a module
but when i use the modprobe  the answer is: device is BUSY,
i download the modules from the asuscom site and use it whit this option:
modprobe hisax type=36 but i have the same answer...
please help me
tnx all
    uin 14272283
no hitch, no progress

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