Few issues. rh 6.1

Few issues. rh 6.1

Post by Y. Benad » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have few question which i'm bothered with

1) I just installed my RH 6.1 and for some reason it wont nslookup
localhost. /etc/hosts has
"      localhost.localdomain  localhost"
it will use the dns server as localhost.localdomain with ip

2) how can i disable the USB port on linux? it takes the IRQ 10 which i need
for my ISDN card.


1. Beginner's Questions...just a few RH 6.1

I decided to try this Linux thing on an old computer...a 486. I reformatted
the HD because I wanted a pure Linux machine. I bought "Red Hat Linux for
Dummies" which included the disc(s), but I must be a REAL dummy because some
of it seems vague...

Q1: - I installed both GNOME and KDE and can switch between the two by
re-booting and choosing "Session" on the GNOME log-in screen. But shouldn't I
be able to use "switchdesk" to change without re-booting? When I use
switchdesk, I get a little box that says for the change to happen I need to
re-boot, which is where I then choose which desktop I want. I can do that
without running switchdesk.

Q2: - I can't figure out how to access my floppy drive. When I try to mount it
I get an error message saying something about too many mounted devices. And
how do you save data from within an application (like WordPerfect, which I
managed to installed) to the floppy?

Q3:- I'm trying to add the old Zoom 28.8 modem in the machine to the Linux set
up. The Dummies book says to execute the "statserial" command to determine the
com port. (I don't remember where it was in Windows.) Fine. How does one do
that? I went to a terminal window (logged in as "root") and typed the word
statserial and got a bash error message. I tried typing just /dev/ttys0 and
got a "permission denied" message. How can I add my modem to the system, and
do I have to do it once for EACH desktop system...KDE and GNOME?

Q4: - How does one exit GNOME or KDE and run Linux in pure terminal mode? I
read somewhere that ctrl-alt-f7 is supposed to exit the desktops, but that
doesn't work.

So far, I don't see what all the hoopla is over as far as Linux as a home-user
system. It seems to load programs painfully slow. Am I mistaken in thinking
that Linux is poised to move big-time into the home-user arena?

Thanks in advance,

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