Network Card Troubles

Network Card Troubles

Post by Jeff Kloud » Fri, 27 Apr 2001 10:42:01

I have a SIS630 motherboard which has all onboard cards.  The LAN card
is an SiS900.  I am installing Redhat 7.0.

Doing an lspci -vv I see the card at IRQ 11 and IO de00.  I also see
some communications port on IRQ 11.

When I cat /proc/interrupts there is no entry for IRQ 11.

I added the following in my modules.conf
alias eth0 sis900
options sis900 io=0xde00 irq=11

When I boot I get an insmod failure trying to load the module.

modprobe fails also, but it says it doesn't know parm_io.

I have recompiled the kernel to rebuild the sis900.o to ensure I have
the latest version, but to no avail.  So what do I try next?

I also tried adding a Linksys which uses tulip, but same issue with
alias eth1 tulip
options tulip io=0xdc00 irq=9

Thanks in advance,


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