Complete Idiot.

Complete Idiot.

Post by ME » Mon, 24 Nov 1997 04:00:00

HI I'm looking for a idiots guide to linux on the web. any one no of

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1. Kernel update 4 the complete idiot

I've been happily using linux now for a year plus.  Plugging  
along with a 9600 baud delphi connection, no problemo.  And
as they say "if it ain't broke don't fix it", so I didn't.  Now
I'm signed on with a local provider that I can SLIP/PPP to.
I can finaly get to use my spiffy hayes modem at the speeds
I bought it for in the first place.  I'm drooling.  I'm
licking my lips and not my girlfrie.... oops that another
sad story.

So I read the net-2 faq, howto's, nag, etc., and as best I can
tell my linux 1.0.8 has fossilized; so I need to update it.  More
reading revealed that I also need new libs (libc + others) and
that I also need to update my gcc (2.5.8) up to 2.6.2... whew!
This thing is snowballing fast.

What I am looking for is the proper sequence to do this.
Kernel first?
gcc first? last?

Is there an upgrade grid out there somewhere, kind of an X-Y
grid of compatable revision levels?

What is a good solid kernel level to upgrde to? Is 1.1.9x solid ?

Or should I just start over from ground zero? :-(

Any advice or pointers would be helpful before I charge into
this jungle without a machete.


Jon Aldrich        |     "People aren't wearing enough hats"

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