problem to print from windows NT to Linux with apsfilter !!!

problem to print from windows NT to Linux with apsfilter !!!

Post by LOUVOIS Prebagara » Tue, 08 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hello everybody,

I have installed Redhat 5.2 and Apsfilter 4.9 on a Pentium 166 called
"A" where LaserJet HP5MP is connected to the parallel port.

Evrything is installed (gs, a2ps, rewindstdin, ...)
It works fine with command  "lpr"  on local

And I added a list of hosts in "/etc/hosts.lpd"  to enable remote
printing. So there is no problem to print from other Unix Stations on
the host A.

But I have a problem to print from Windows NT 4.0 (host B)
-I have configured via the NT control panel,
-I selected  LPR printer, ...
-I put : remote host=A and remote queue=lp
-I choosen good driver

- I got in  /var/log/messages a message for the host B:

"Dec  7 15:09:42 A lpd[2006]: lp: job could not be printed (cfA719B)"

Is there anyone could help me ??

Thank you,


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Uwe Ressler

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