setting up the default route

setting up the default route

Post by Greg Lewi » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I am using kppp to connect to my ISP. Even though I select "Set as
Default Route" in the setup, when I do a route after my connection, the
default is still to the ethernet card. Even if I supply the defaultroute
option specifically to kppp (the is a special window for options), it
still doesn't work, and I have to su root and add the default manually:

route add default gw 128.x.x.x dev ppp0

Any thoughts of how to get around this?

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OK, I have two interfaces, one slow, one fast.  I want to use the fast
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How can I tell the machine to use the fast one by default.  Am I
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subnet would not be able to contact me?



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