Getting Linux-FT Install to recognise Future Domain TMC830 ?

Getting Linux-FT Install to recognise Future Domain TMC830 ?

Post by Stuart Broa » Wed, 16 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I have tried tmc8xx=0xca8000,5 which worked with slackware 1.1 release I
have been using.
Tried various other combinations of passing the base address of the card to
the various scsi adaptor modules ( when you call the card a Future Domain
800 type the Seagate module gets called by the install program) but this
card does not seem to be recognised.
        scsi hosts=0
Do I have to compile a special module to support a card this old ?
Please be gentle with me as I am new to modules, my previous experiance
being limited to tinkering with older releases of Slackware for personal
Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved.
Stuart Broad
Cambridgeshire UK


1. future domain tmc830

Hi folks!

I want to use the future-domain scsi adapter tmc830 (I know it's not good)
in my linux-system (kernel 0.99pl6), but at startup there comes:

0 hosts detected        or equivalent

I am using in addition a ide-bus adapter;
I recompiled the kernel with scsi: st01-tmc8xx settings

What's the reason?

By the way: there was no scsi-device at the scsi-bus, but i had'nt one at
that time and I think the kernel should find the adapter!

What's about the tmc8xx and tmc88x what kind of adapters are really
supported by linux - I found both names in the readme-files in the same

Please e-mail(!) me - I will summarize the mails and post them.

Thanks tom!

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