SMB: only 120kByte/s within 100Mbit network

SMB: only 120kByte/s within 100Mbit network

Post by Raphael Bosse » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


system configuration:
Network: IntelPro, 3Com, Xircom PCMCIA, 3Com PCMCIA (all are 10/100)
with a D-Link 10/100 Hub/Switch (no 10Mbit devices within the
environment while benchmarking so 100Mbit are all the time avilable!)
Pentium233MMX, 126MByte of RAM
Linux 2.2.11, Debian GNU/Linux potato, Samba 2.0.5b

with this speed i can not convince anyone using windows switch to
linux ! i thing that it is a problem of my configuration but where
should i begin to search ?! i know that the smb.conf file is
responsible for that but how can i speed it up ?! i run smb as daemon
within a window/novell network environment where file sharing services
should be avilable, but with this speed ?!

my test showed that the nfs is faster then smb but slower then a pure
windows/novell network environment. where can i find more information
about optimization linux file server services (HOWTO's are to simple
and only for beginners so i could not find any usable stuff there :-(

any kind of help is welcome !


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