IQR Timeout on my second HD

IQR Timeout on my second HD

Post by Lars Flodma » Sun, 24 Nov 1996 04:00:00

How do you tell the kernel not to detect my second IDE drive or if you
can search for it manualy.
Why i want to know is because when i start it up it stopps and I must
disconect it in my BIOS-setup and it is quite anoying.

                Thanks in advance :-)


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    Hi folks.  When installing Linux (SLS, any version, btw), I get
random and repeating HD errors when setting up with doinstall.  It'll
say installing (whatever), do some writing to the HD, and sometimes,
before it's done with that paticular package, come up onscreen with
HD-Timeout and HD-Reset, sometimes twice, before continuing.  It may or
may not happen on several of the packages during the install.  Totally
    When it does this, whatever it was writing gets corrupted, as later
found during the installation when it can't find or access a dir or
file, or later when doing a efsck.
    I'm running a 386sx-33, 4 megs ram, WD Cavier 210mb HD (no bad
blks), vga, etc.  Dos 6 runs just dandy on a 100 meg partition, second
dos 20meg, Linux and Linux swap partitions in the other ~100)

    Any help appreciated and if fixed I'll summarize.

 * Origin: Good Vantage Point, Northampton, Ma. (1:321/109.2)

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