'find' locks up my machine - RedHat 4.1

'find' locks up my machine - RedHat 4.1

Post by Alan D. McClear » Wed, 12 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I've been using Slackware Linux 1.2.13 for about a year, sharing a 1.2
Gig drive with dos using LILO to choose - everything's been cool.  

I decided I'd upgrade to the 2.0 kernel, and thinking I'd be cautious I
bought a new hard drive.  Then I installed RedHat 4.1 and updated LILO
to choose between dos, Slackware or Redhat.

Everything seems cool *Except* the 'find / -name fname' command
finds a few files, then totally hoses the machine, no ctl-c, no ctl-z,
no Alt-F2, just a hard boot. Note that 'find /subdirectory -name fname',
where /subdirectory is ANY subdirectory (I tried them all) works just
fine. This now happens in both Slackware and RedHat, whereas it never
happened before.

Has anybody ever seen anything like this before? Anybody got any ideas?


1. 'Unknown PCI device' and 'Keyboard timeout' with RedHat 4.1

I'm trying to get Red Hat 4.1 installed on my P200MMX PC, but it falls over at
the first hurdle. I've tried two ways to install it:

1. Create a LINUX boot disk using 'rawrite' and the supplied disk image. When
   I boot from this I get 'Loading LINUX' and about 5 dots, then it appears to
2. Boot from a DOS disk, then run 'autoboot.bat' on the CD, which calls
   'loadlin'. This loads LINUX OK, then gives me screens of info, including 5
   lines which say 'Unknown PCI device'. Further on it says 'Keyboard timeout';
   this appears 3 times before it continues. When it gets to the 'Are you using
   a colour monitor?' screen I can't type anything. Even the numlock key
   doesn't work.

- I'm assuming in case (2) that rather than hanging the installation is sitting
  there waiting for me to enter something, but since it didn't recognise the
  keyboard I can't type anything.

My machine is a P200MMX on a SuperMicro P5 PCI motherboard (it's a Vale
Platinum SE from Evesham Micros, UK). As far as I'm aware there's nothing
strange or non-standard about it. Currently it's running Win95 OSR2. One issue
is that I'm using FAT-32, but the above problem seems to be more fundamental
than that.

Can anyone shed any light on this? I can't find any boot parameters that appear
relevant, so I'm a bit stuck what to try next.



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