fvwm95 installation.

fvwm95 installation.

Post by Evil E » Mon, 10 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I know this is really dumb but I cn't figure out how to install fvwm95!!!
Please help me!

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fvwm95 installation.

Post by Andrew Idsin » Thu, 13 Jun 1996 04:00:00

>I know this is really dumb but I cn't figure out how to install fvwm95!!!
>Please help me!

Goto: http://ltiwww.epfl.ch/~barth/fvwm95.html.

Grab the latest version. Put it in a temp directory gzip -d <thefile>. Then
tar -x -f <thefile>.
This will produce a directory that begins with fvwm. Go into that directory
and cat the README and INSTALL files.

Basically they will show you word for word what you need to do with the
original .tar file.

I downloaded it last night, and was able to install it here 'out of the box'
without a problem.
Hope this helps.

Andrew Idsinga
Symantec Product Support
Win Devtools (C++/Cafe)


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Hello all!

I tried to compile the last version of fvwm95 and I think there is something wrong in
the installlation makefile but I don't knwo how to fix it.
The problem is that it loops forever for directory to compile, it enter in one directory
then exit and does that forever..

Has anyone had the same problem?

Thx in advance..:)


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