Zip Plus Drive on Redhat 6.1

Zip Plus Drive on Redhat 6.1

Post by Peck-Chao Le » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Has anyone successfully installed the Zip Plus drive onto Redhat 6.1?

I downloaded the driver from the following website:

But when I tried to run  make -f  Makefile.RedHat , I got a series of
errors , mainly because some header files couldn't be found.
For example, the hosts.h and some others which I couldn't remember off

How do you get around it? Are there some files missing from my system
that I should get?
What are the important files?

Would appreciate any help. Thanks.


1. Redhat 6.1 - Iomega Zip Drive

Has anyone had trouble setting up their Iomega 100MB Zip Drive with
Redhat Linux 6.1, running the original kernel image, 2.2.12-20? Before I
was running Redhat 6.0, and Mandrake, and was able to load the ppa
module like so:

%    modprobe    parport

%    modprobe    ppa
# it would load, etc...

%    mount /mnt/iomega-zip
# my /etc/fstab was setup with this line
    /dev/sda4    -t    vfat    /mnt/iomega    #etc

I have a SCSI CDR which loads the aic7xxx module. When I try to load the
ppa module, it gives me usual module is busy message.
I've tried unloading the aic7xxx, lp, parport, modules, and then loading
them up again, with no success.
I recompiled a basic kernel, with the correct settings from the
ZIP-DRIVE-HOWTO, and then tried loading the module, and still had no
What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance


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