HELP: The 1.1.59/FD TMC-18C50 Paradox?

HELP: The 1.1.59/FD TMC-18C50 Paradox?

Post by Zan » Sat, 08 Apr 1995 04:00:00

        I am having trouble installing the 1.1.59 kernel which came with
the Slackware 2.1 CD distribution.  I know I cannot use this version
because it does not support my Future Domain TMC-18C50 based SCSI card.  
So I grabbed the scsi.gz (of the 1.2 kernel) from  I then
proceeded to create another bootdisk with the 1.2 kernel instead of the
1.1.59.  All was looking well at bootup when my SCSI card was detected.  
When I got to setup, I was able to pick my CD-ROM as the source instead
of the usual "Unable to mount /dev/scd0".  I then proceeded to pick which
disk sets to install.  After I finished and hit "OK", a message flashed at
the bottom of the screen.  I could barely make out the word 'mount'.  I
knew the files were not installed because it dumped me back to setup
screen entirely too quickly.  So I tried to pick my source CD-ROM again,
and this time I had the "Unable to mount /dev/scd0" and was not able to
select the install sets.  Essentially I am in the same position as
        I have not installed a previous version of Linux so I cannot
compile a new kernel because I do not have gcc.  So I cannot
mount my CD-ROM in the 1.1.59 kernel, and I cannot compile a new kernel
because I cannot get the data from the CD-ROM.  What is required to
compile a new kernel anyway?  If it is only gcc and the source for the
kernel I can probably get that from an ftp site, but I how do I get gcc
and the kernel to my Linux partition?  Am I missing something obvious?  
Any help is appreciated.  A great many "Thanks" in advance!!!!!!!!!


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1. tmc-845 works with linux 1.1.59, but nothing newer!

i got linux to recognise my scsi-cd and my tmc-845 by terminating the
connection, swapping STAT_MSG and STAT_CD, and overriding the autoprobe.  

i've tried upgrading my kernel twice (1.1.76 and 1.1.92) and did the exact
same thing, but they don't work.  did they change something about this?

i'd hate to have to keep to kernels around after they come out with the next
stable release.

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