Seagate 4G/8G IDE Atapi Tape Drive

Seagate 4G/8G IDE Atapi Tape Drive

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I have the same drive and it sort of works with Redhat 6.0 default
kernel.  Using /dev/ht0 I can start to do a tar.  Eventually it locks
up my machine and I have to hard reboot.  If anyone knows how to avoid
this, I'd really appreciate it.


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1. Seagate 4G/8G IDE Atapi Tape Drive

Hello all.

I have recently installed a Seagate 4G/8G IDE ATAPI Tape Drive into my
computer running Debian Gnu/Linux, version 2.1 (slink).  I compiled
IDE/Tape support into my kernel (2.2.9), and the drive is recognized
at bootup at device ht0.  

The device file /dev/ht0 did not exist, so I did a MAKEDEV ht, and the
device file /dev/ht0 was created.

All seems to be well now, with the device file, however when trying to
do anything with the tape, I get errors.  For instance, the command:
        mt -f /dev/ht0 rewind
results in a Input/Output error.  I have tried several tapes (known
good tapes), and all recieve the same error.  Any input would be
great.  Thanks,


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