Install on 2nd IDE drive.

Install on 2nd IDE drive.

Post by pp002.. » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I am installing Linux on a 486-33 with 16MB ram and two IDE hard drives.  I
created the root and boot disks and successfully booted Linux.  I used
Linux's fdisk to create a linux native partition on the 2nd ide drive (hdb).  
Then I am tring to run SETUP but it keeps telling me that there is no Linux
native partion found, even though it's own fdisk can see it.  

Any help with this will be appreciated.


Install on 2nd IDE drive.

Post by Stephen Farlo » Fri, 22 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I am assuming that you used Linux fdisk by typing fdisk /dev/hdb
and created the Linux native partition type 83 and after that,
before exiting fdisk, used the "w" command to write the parition
table to the hard drive! It is essential that you write the
partition table to disk or setup will give you the error you
speak of. I know this because I recently re-partitioned my second
hd to give Linux more hd space, and I forgot yhe step about
writing the partition table to disk the first time around, soooo,
I had to fun Linux fdisk again, create the partition and the
Hope this helps.


1. Linux on 2nd IDE drive on 2nd IDE controller?

I am considering installing Linux on my PC.  All of my hard drive space
is spoken for, so I would need to add a third hard drive to my system.
But, before I go out and spend a few hundred dollars on a new
hard drive, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what sort of problems
I might have if I set my PC up this way:

System is a Gw2k P5-120, 32 meg 60ns EDO ram, ATI Mach 64 graphics, on board
EIDE controller, Ensoniq Soundscape sound card.

EIDE Controller 0:
     Drive 0:  OS/2 Boot Manager
               FAT partition for Window$ '95 (*mutter* *grumble*)

     Drive 1:  5 HPFS partitions (OS/2 Warp, programs, data, news spool, etc.)

EIDE Controller 1:
     Drive 0:  ATAPI-compliant 3-disk CD-ROM drive

     Drive 1:  new HD, where Linux partitions will go

In other words, will Linux squawk at being installed on or booting from the
secondary drive on the secondary controller?  Or, do I need to look into
getting a SCSI drive?  I haven't seen anything written in the files I've
looked at that suggest that there might be a problem, but....

Also, is there anything special I need to know in shopping for a
hard drive for Linux, or about hardware problems I am going to encounter
(aside from only being able to use tray 0 of the CD-ROM drive....)?

Thanks in advance.

Michael Adams
Triskele Consulting
Enterprise, Alabama


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