isdn4linux problem: "Device or ressource busy"

isdn4linux problem: "Device or ressource busy"

Post by Dmitri Barsk » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I badly need help with installing isdn4linux on my good old-fashioned
P75 box.
The kernel compiles with the newest pathes without errors, the
isdn4k-utils compile as well. However, when I try to insmod or modprobe
the modules "isdn.o", it fails with the error message "insmod:
init_module: device or ressource busy ". At the same time, syslog says
"Cannot allocate device struct".
This all happens BEFORE I try to load the hisax module, which should
bother about the card itself.
I'm using RH60 ( however, SuSE61 produces the same result ) with the
2.3.5ac1 kernel ( again, it happens with every other kernel version I've
tried ). The hardware: P75, 8 Mb RAM ( ok, it's a little bit too
little...but otoh I've got a 64 Mb swap ). The isdn card itself is an
old-fashioned AVM Fritz! ( aka A1 ). No PCI, no PnP crap. Btw.: does
anyone know, which IRQ is used by that card? You cannot set it with the
jumpers, only the io address is variable... And one more question: is
there any ( non-graphical, because the box is not running X11 and I'm
configuring it with telnet ) tool to setup a dial-up isdn connection?
Something like yast but under GPL ( because I'm now using RedHat... ).
Currently I use kisdn, but it means that I have to switch to runlevel 5
each time I want to connect to internet... AND it would not run on the
P75 box - I haven't installed nor configured qt or kde there...


CU Dmitri Barski

PS. This is not an official Nokia posting. It does not correspond to
Nokia opinion in any way!


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