route and nfs

route and nfs

Post by Alexander Le » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hello all,

I've just recently installed OpenLinux 2.2 and I'm having two problems in

1. When I try to load the NFS.O as modular, the response from an insmod
command complains about unresolved symbols all over the place. Even through
lisa it tells me it cannot load it. Yet, when I originally installed the
OpenLinux 2.2, I did it through nfs - over the network and that went through
without a problem.

2. Everytime I compile a new kernel or just even recompile the base kernel
using the exisitng configuration files when I received the distribution of
OpenLinux, the route table gets all hosed. I   can display the routing
table, and the entries are correct but I cannot delete any entries. It
complains about SIOCDELRT: No such process. This occurs on a clean system
and with just a recompile of the kernel. Prior to recomipiling the kernel, I
can add and remove entries cleanly via the route command. Is there some file
that needs updating to bring the route table up to par with the new compile?

Frustrated newbie.... but haven't lost hope ..... yet :)

Thanks for any feedback.