Looking for vgaset for X

Looking for vgaset for X

Post by Sean Cros » Sat, 13 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I had a program that was called vgaset, but i lost it in the reinstall.
I have looked in sunsite.unc.edu but its not there anymore. :(
Does anybody out there have it on their machine or know where it resides
on a ftp or www site? I need it.
Thanks in advance.


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Hi everyone,

I used Slackware with kernel 1.2.8 before. Recently I upgraded to
kernel 2.0.0 (Slackware 96-cds). After installing X11R6 I noticed that
the limited-but-very-useful tool 'vgaset' had vanished. I tried
xvidtune, but this one keeps reporting me that I have selected an
illegal modeline after *any* change (although I *see* X-windows...).

So, I reinstalled vgaset (from the 1.2.8-CD), ran it, and it still
worked OK. Does anyone know why this tool was removed in the later
release of the Developers Resource?

And does anyone know why my monitor won't show a bright image at
800x600, although win***s95's image at 800x600 is perfect? All I can
do now is manually change the brightness and contrast controls on my

Thanks in advance,

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