Settings for Nokia 447X and xfree86

Settings for Nokia 447X and xfree86

Post by Len Fal » Sun, 18 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I am having a witch of a time getting the proper settings for my Nokia

I can run xfree86 at 800x600, but all other resolutions are partially
off the screen. I would like to run it at 1024x768.
Can someone send me a copy of their x86config file for this monitor?

My video card is a Diamond Stealth 64, but I have that set up

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1. Help: Nokia 447X Monitor Settings

Hi, I have a problem with setting up linux in Xwindows mode
using Nokia 447X (17") monitor.  I have a #9 GXE64 (S3-Trio64)PCI
graphics card.  When i tried to use the Xconfig setup program, it works
but the screen is a little bit distorte (.i.e the curves looks differenton
the right and left side of the screen.  I'd like to know if anybody have worked
with the Nokia 447X monitors and can give me the settings for
1024x768 and 1280x1024 (75Hz) using the manufactur's default setup.
If this helps:

Scanning frequency: H: 31 khz to 82 khz
                    V: 50Hz to 110Hz
default:        1280x1024 75.0Hz with line frequency of 79.95Khz
                1024x768  75.8Hz with line frequency of 61.1Khz
                1024x768  70.1Hz with line frequency of 70.1Khz

Thanks!  And please email me (if you can) the settings

Anthony Ku
Tech Support IDIR.NET  

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