HELP!! aic7xxx (Adaptec 2940) problems...

HELP!! aic7xxx (Adaptec 2940) problems...

Post by John D Dot » Thu, 26 Oct 1995 04:00:00

HELP!!! I can't get linux to format my swap partiton, or any other part
of my hard drive for that matter.

First of all, I don't really have an Adaptec 2940, but I have the
aic7850 chipset built onto my motherboard, which is the chipset used in
the 2940.

I'm trying to install Redhat 2.0, and I'm using the boot disk that they
provide for the 2940.  I boot with the lilo line "linux
aic7xxx=extended".  It detects everything just fine- it sees my hard
disk (Quantum Fireball 1080S or some such thing...) and it will
partition my hard drive just fine.  This is what I did: first I used
fips to split my existing dos partition into three partitions (720MB,
16MB, and 300MB or so).  Then I used the linux fdisk to change the
system type of the two partitions I created from extended dos to linux
swap for the 16MB and linux native the 300MB partition.  But it refuses
to format the 16MB partition!!!! The computer freezes up completely
every time!!!!

Is there something I'm missing?  Is the driver just not very stable?
What is it?

                                Thanks in advance,

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1. Adaptec 2940 SCSI / AIC7870 / AIC7XXX / bootimage HELP PLEASE!


I'm trying to install Either Slackware 2.3 or Red Hat mother's day rel.

I have an Adaptec 2940 SCSI Host adapter--Unfortunately I got rid of my old host
adapter...(thinking at least by now, the 2940 drivers would be in good shape).

My problem:  I want to first install a 1.2.8+ kernel (after that gets working,
then maybe compile a 1.3.X)--But I can't find a bootimage with the driver/kernel
combination that works (even semi-reliably).  (I get timeout errors at random
points during installation)

I have already tried these boot images:
ahacdrom from infomagic (this had kernel 1.2.3)  rnd note:  fast sbp-cd scan
boot07   from suse      (this had kernel 1.2.9)  rnd note:  SLOW sbp-cd scan
aic7xxx  from ims       (this had kernel 1.3.21)

Harvey Fishman mentioned he had an ahacdrom w/ a 1.2.11 kernel (which I haven't
found) -- (I believe it is supposed to be on an Infomagic Linux Developer's
Resource August edition CD)

I haven't been able to connect to to check them out.

I haven't been able to find full source for the AIC7XXX driver--just patches
(I have found it for FreeBSD though)....And at looking at the patches, I see
that in apparently all? of the 1.2.x kernels w/ the AIC7XXX driver there are
unresolved issues relating to timeout problems.

I believe these timeout issues may be fixed in the 1.3.x kernels--

My question:  Is it possible to apply the latest AIC7XXX code (as in the 1.3.21
kernel I had) to a 1.2.8+ kernel?  The AIC7XXX code I'm talking about seems to
be very recent (within the last two weeks, I believe).

My requests:  If it's possible to compile the newest drivers with 1.2.8/9/10..
kernels, does anyone have this?  Has anyone done this?  And if so, could you
point me in the direction of a boot image?

Also--What is the name of the aic7xxx devel. mail list?


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