Install Linux from Backpack CDROM

Install Linux from Backpack CDROM

Post by P. Sivakuma » Tue, 25 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I am trying to install linux through redhat 4.1 using a backpack parallel
port cd-rom.  However,the install program is unable to mount the drive.  Is
there any parameter that has to be given for it to recogonize the drive?  I
also tried to use the boot image from  With this image, the
computer hangs.  If anyone had this problem before and/or can help me,
please let me know.

Siva kumar


1. Can Linux be installed from a Compaq Backpack cdrom?

I may aquire an old Compaq 486  with a backpack cdrom drive (the old
paralell port thing) and would like to use it to run some command line
stuff.  I have Redhat 5.2 through 6.2.  Can I get one of these to
work and if so, will there be any problems of which I should be aware?


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