problems with Mandrake Linux install on a sony 505F laptop - PCMCIA card install issue

problems with Mandrake Linux install on a sony 505F laptop - PCMCIA card install issue

Post by stefan isaa » Tue, 06 Nov 2001 14:43:47

Ok.. I've got my little Sony 505F booting up with the remote CDROM (a
Sony CD5 with a Ninja PCMCIA ATA card).

I'm trying to install Mandrake Linux (the Linux for Windows variant
that allows one to install Linux into a Windows partition without
having to repartition the hard drive). I've upgraded the hard drive
to a 20g Toshiba (a 2016 if it matters) and set up a 4gig partition
for Linux (a win32 partition).

The 505F will boot from the Mandrake CD, but after that I'm out of
luck. It always (doesn't matter whether I type linux4win, expert, or
<ENTER>) asks me what type of CDROM I have. I tell it ide-cd (because
my Matshita UJDB110 - the Sony - isn't in the list) and it does
absolutely nothing. It says it doesn't find the hardware.

I've set the BIOS to "not Plug 'n Pray". I have read with RedHat that
Linux doesn't use the correct addresses for the CDROM (they are
0x180, 0x386).

But autoprobe doesn't work, and the DAMN MANUAL (what a piece of
crap) doesn't tell you how to provide options to the module. At the
<F1> screen, it says that you can only pass options to the module in
I've tried the following arguments when asked to specify options:

    linux ide2=0x180, 0x386
    ide2=0x180, 0x386
    0x180, 0x386

None of these were accepted as valid options. Mandrake doesn't appear
to document anything of "options" in the manuals available on their
site for 7.2.

So I've spent about four hours on this and I'm extremely frustrated
(as you might guess).

Can anyone tell me how to get Linux4win (most preferable) or just the
regular Mandrake Linux 7.02 (I think that's what I just bought in the
store) to work?

Any help is very much appreciated.


(a VERY frustrated Linux novice)


1. HELP: cannot install Mandrake 8.0 on Sony Vaio PCG-FX120 laptop

Help - I'm having trouble getting Linux Mandrake 8.0 up and running on this

Sony Vaio PCG-FX120 Laptop
Intel 815em chipset
Pentium III 700Mhz (SpeedStep)
20 GB Fujitsu hard drive
6x Toshiba DVD-ROM
13.3" SVGA (1024x768) LCD, Intel 815em integrated AGP 2D/3D accelerator
Ricoh RL5C476 CardBus/PCMCIA controller
Intel 815em Integrated 10/100 Ethernet (82557 compatible)
Alps GlidePoint touchpad

I am trying to install Linux Mandrake 8.0 (Traktopel).  This is the final

Using the standard (graphical) installer, everything goes well until the
"Detecting PCMCIA" phase, at which point the system totally freezes up --
no response to keyboard, mouse, etc.

I booted the installer in text (expert) mode, to see more of what is going
on, and I discovered that the PCMCIA probe was in fact causing a kernel

I believe I can get the installation going if I disable PCMCIA detection
during the installer.  Unfortunately I can't find a way to do this!  Even
the "expert" mode won't let me turn off PCMCIA auto-detection!  (It lets me
tune and/or disable just about everything else tho!)

Now, I *was* able to get RedHat 7.1 up and running on this machine (even
the PCMCIA detection worked perfectly!), but I would much rather run Mandrake,
because quite frankly, I like it better than DeadHat.

Can anyone offer some help?  Words of wisdom?  A prayer or two?  Money?
(hey, I had to try!)  You will not only earn my undying gratitude, but you'll
also earn my SO's undying gratitude for putting my mind at ease!!!  (this
has been driving me NUTS this week)

Please reply.  Thanks!

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