Installing LINUX in a Diretory on a DOS partition.

Installing LINUX in a Diretory on a DOS partition.

Post by Gary W. Johnso » Sun, 28 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I trying to install LINUX in a diretory of a DOS partition. After
booting the Boot Disk I hit enter and load the RAM
disk. The OS goes through its normal boot sequence and then just sits
there with no prompt. Do I need to enter
something on the command line when I load the ramdisk to configure
something? I am useing the version of the RAM
disk that should support loading LINUX on to the DOS file system.



1. Installing Linux native partition over DOS Extented partition?

I have a hopefully simple question about creating a linux partition on
my harddrive.  

       I have a primary c: partition ocuppying the first 250 MB of my
disk.  The remaining 777MB were used as an extended DOS partition with
three logical partitions (d:, e:, f:).  After reading all related
documentation that I could find, I deleted the last logical partition
(f:) and then recreated f: to be 100MB smaller, freeing this space for
my linux partition.  I then booted linux and the RedHat install
program from floppy.  The system acknowledges all of my hardware and
asks if I would like to partition the HD.  After creating a linux
partition in the remaining 100MB (which is still part of my DOS
extended partition), the program did'nt like this and aborted.

      Can I place a linux partition into an extended DOS partition?
My problem is that now DOS fdisk interprets the last 100MB of the
extended partition as full, and will not allow me to reinstall my
original f: drive.  Trying to delete the partition using linux fdisk
causes a warning message saying to read 'the manual' ( which manual
it's refering to I don't know.)  

Thanks in advance for any advice (give up!) or suggestions.

Chris Lemper
Department of Geosciences
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08540

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