Linux ppp troubles with Concentric Network

Linux ppp troubles with Concentric Network

Post by N. Richard Caldwe » Sun, 15 Nov 1998 04:00:00

>Can someone assit me in trying to log on to my ISP, Concentric Network?

>Concentric Network, a large USA nationwide ISP is Unix-unfriendly.
>They seem to only supports MS Windows & NT users.  Their technical
>support staff didn't even bother after they found out I was on Linux.

I've been with Concentric for a while now and I don't haven't had a
lot of complaints.  They did send me a *-gram for staying online
too much (like, always). Unlimited access isn't really so unlimited,
it seems.

Anyway, maybe it's different depending on your POP, but I had no
problem at all.  I don't have my config handy, but as I recall I
just have my login and password in pap-secrets and a simple chat
script that only dials and connects.

I don't need a chat script that logs in with my login and password,
Concentric checks for a ppp connection as soon as you connect (at
least on my POP).  If it gets a ppp connection it uses PAP to do the

Quote:>My username is something like  --> ch/

Huh? My is just rdtzine.  

Quote:>How can I modify this username?  Also, why does Concentric use that funny
>'forward-slash' character in their username to log onto their network?  Is
>that some sort of Microsoft-ism or just a Concentric-ism?

I've seen MS-CHAP connections that required NTDOMAIN/USER, but I've never
seen it the other way around.  If Concentric starts mucking around with
my account I'm gone.  

Does anyone keep a list of Linux-friendly ISPs?

                                        N. Richard Caldwell
                                        Lucent Technologies


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PPP is driving me nuts!!!  

I have a ppp account with concentric networks.  I use windows NT and
linux.  I'd like to not have to use NT anymore, but For the life of me I
just can't seem to get the dialup to work under linux.  I first tried
the graphical dialers, (e.g., rp3, etc.) all they would do is lock up
the modem, requiring a reboot.  SO next I started writing my own scrips
with chat.  All seemed good.  Now here is the WEIRD part...

When I set up a dialup connection in NT and and enter my login and
password, everything connects fine (in fact I'm using it now).  However,
if I try to login manually using the NT dialup networking, or I try to
login using hyperterminal, it always rejects my username and password.
I've checked and double checked to make sure I'm doing it right.  WHY
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