!!!LILO HDIO_REQ Not supported for your SCSI controller please use a DISK section

!!!LILO HDIO_REQ Not supported for your SCSI controller please use a DISK section

Post by Rob Zombi » Mon, 03 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Could someone tell me what this means? I have upgraded to LILO 19
and I still get this I read all of the documentation and it said nothing
about HDIO_REQ... I have no Idea how to solve this problem and need
BTW this is the 5th time posting this message!!! PLEASE HELP!!!
-Rob Z


1. HDIO_REQ not supported error, trying to install LILO

I have Slackware March 1995 from the Infomagic CD-ROM installed on two Maxtor
SCSI drives, 60MB and 120MB, on a Seagate ST-01 controller. This is in a
386-DX40, AMI BIOS. I am just getting started with Linux.

/dev/sda1 Linux root (36MB)
/dev/sda2 Linux swap (24MB)
/dev/sdb1 Linux /usr (120MB)

I am booting from the 1.2 SCSI floppy boot image from the more recent (June
1995) Slackware distribution on ftp.cdrom.com. I do mount root = /dev/sda1
and everything works fine, but every time I try to install LILO on the hard
disk, I get this:

HDIO_REQ not supported for your controller. Please use /etc/disktab.

This is LILO 0.15.
Now from reading the docs, I learned that what that really means is to
use a disk section in /etc/lilo.conf instead. I have done that.

Both of these drives were low level formatted in DOS with Seagate's Disk
Manager (DM.EXE). According to the manufacturer the geometry for these is
1498 cyls 42 secs, 2 heads and 4 heads respectively. But Disk Manager seems to
have made it 1018 cyls, 61 secs. I honestly don't know what is the "real"
geometry now. When the drives were being probed when I was installing,
it always came up 1498 cyls 42 secs. Where is this info coming from? When
I partitioned them using Linux fdisk, it didn't work properly unless I gave
it 1018 cyls 61 secs. I tried it both ways.

No matter what I put in /etc/lilo.conf, I always get the HDIO_REQ error.
I have tried putting in a disk section with both of the geometries above
(not both at once, one or the other), or leaving that out and putting
"append=linear". I recall seeing something about AMI BIOS boards and some
CMOS option about DOS 1K or something like that, and I did change that.
Nothing I do makes any difference.

Tried compiling LILO 0.16 but it needs an autoconf.h header which I don't
seem to have (seems very strange, is that file newer than March 95?) I guess
tomorrow I might try getting more recent kernel sources that would have all
headers called for.

Any suggestions? Is there anywhere I can get a binary of LILO 0.16?
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