Reveal Sound card install help

Reveal Sound card install help

Post by Joseph Llo » Wed, 18 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I currently have an old reveal SC 400 rev.2 sound card that I am trying to configure in linux(RH 5.2)  sndconfig does not have this card listed, and looking around before I recompiled the kernel I didn't see any real support for this card.  Any help on getting it to work would be great, thanks.

1. Sound sounds terrible in SDOOM with a Reveal Card ...

After I finally got sound working (sort of) with my Reveal Multimedia FX
16 sound card, I went to try and test it out.  Sound in the beta game
ABUSE works ok.  'Tho it sounds like it's in 8-bit sound.  Sound in DOOM
sounds like crap 'tho.  Just sounds like static.  Any ideas as to what
went wrong?

Also, if anybody out there is using a Reveal MutiMedia FX 16 sound card
with Linux, can you please email me with your sound settings?  It looks
like I'm having the same sound problem I had under OS/2 ... 8-bit sound
with a 16-bit sound card.  Thanks ...


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